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aspecx Questions & Answers

As the market size for Microsoft smartphones is shrinking and less people use Microsoft smartphone, we don't develop aspecx on Mircosoft smartphones. Nevertheless yoou can use aspecx with any browser: www.aspecx.biz/app. 

During the installation the aspecx app asks you to enable sending push notifications to your smart phone. After the installation at any time the notification feature for aspecx can be enabled in the phone settings: "settings" - "notifications" - "aspecx"

With the version 2.1 aspecx provides the option to copy any of your owned groups. That are groups you have created and you manage. Groups can be copied in "Menu" - "Manage Groups". Select the group to be copied and click "Copy Group".

The App is regularly upgraded with more functionalities and improved usability. After a manual or automatic update, the user must re-login. Not logged in users don't receive any push notifications.

The aspecx app uses the configuration in "Settings" - "Accounts & Passwords" - [YOUR ACCOUNT] - "Mail". If the default email app is not activated or not installed, aspecx will not be able to send emails.