what you express today, can improve all your tomorrow

Discover here the added value of using the app aspecx. 

aspecx supports companies, clubs and societies as well as friend groups in fostering open communication on all sides and in all directions: express, measure and visualize expectations and perceptions over time to know what should be done better.



In our life we are all belonging to different groups like: professional project team, work team, society, club, sport team, a group of friends, etc.

But do we really know what each and every individual of the group expect from the group, how she or he perceives the group?

aspects helps to know the group member better and to know how the group could perform more efficient and effective.


Define the aspects to be rated and the rating frequency

Define values, goals or other aspects to be rated by the team members on a regularly basis during a specific time.

The values should be defined within the team as each individual has her or his own view.

Regularly rating the aspects provides a holistic view and foster the group members to create more awareness about how to deal with each other.

Here you'll find plenty of examples of values and goals and objectives to facilitate the usage of the app aspecx.


rate the defined aspects regularly by the group members

Based on the defined group properties, the members get a notification when to provide the rates is due.

Each member selects the aspect that was percieved as very positive and selects the aspect that was perceived as most negative since the last rate. In addition these aspects are rated: how good and how bad were these aspects lived by the group.


Display the expectations and perceptions of the group members and know what to can be done better

Current and historized rates are made visible in straightforward dashboards.

The whole group is now more aware about the aspects of the others resulting in strengthening the communication.

Higher efficiency, higher productivity, higher creativity, higher enthusiasm and higher trust will become on his own.  

Examples of  Values

Values Accountability - Communication

Have the willingness to take responsibility for one's and other actions and decisions

Be driven to succeed and deliver superior results

The ability to change things or oneself to adapt to changing circumstances

Consciously take risks to strive for favorable outcomes and experiences

The ability to efficiently and efficiently adapting to changes or rise to challenges

To have a strong willingness to achieve personal challenging goals

A detail oriented way of working and behaving

Resources (people or systems) that are operable upon demand

Not excited even under stress

To have the ability of doing something in terms of skills and competences

Doing the things with accuracy, discreetly or caution

To question actions to be done or dec ions to be taken. To take something not as a matter of fact

To keep things or activities free of superficial imperfections

To be free from doubt or confusion

To be mentally bright. To have sharp or quick intelligence

To work cooperatively to achieve common goals

To show engagement, involvement or loyalty to something or someone

To exchange messages, thoughts, information, ideas and feelings in order to achieve something

Values Competence - Effectiveness  

To meet the condition of doing something well or efficiently

To have a strong desire to compete or to succeed

To have exclusive attention to one object

To treat spoken, written or stored information in private

To be conform with previous attitudes, behavior, practice, etc.

To ensure interruption or no worsening of services, quality or connections 

To pursuit an ongoing effort to improve services, products, processes or behavior

To work or act together for a common goal or benefit

To have the ability or power to create something

The quality of being trustworthy or believable

To have the desire to know or learn something new

The degree of satisfaction provided by services or products

To represent the benefit of the people at large while equaling rights and privileges for all

To decimate between things or way of behave different and distinct

To show controlled behavior as a result of disciplinary training and self-control

To have or to provide a variety or a range of something

The extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction in a specified context of use (ISO 20282-1:2006)

"Doing the right things". To have the ability to do things with the required result

Values Efficiency - Health

"Doing things right". To have the ability to do things well and without waste

To have the ability to understand another's situation or feelings

To give or delegate power to somebody else

To commit to share the activities of a group

To have great interest in or excitement for a subject

To act as a promoter of a business venture

The condition or quality of being the same

To strive of being the best in class or to possess good qualities in high degree

To act honesty according rules or standards

To allow rapid movement or action or to be capable to act or move fast

To be able to adjust readily to different or changing conditions

To ensure newly made, obtained or founded something

To behave kindly and pleasant towards others

 The things we do are enjoyable and amusing for us self and for others

To pertain or involve the whole world or parts spread accross the world

To foster increase extension, expansion, strength, as in size, value or number

To strive to agree on opinion, action or feeling

To foster fulfilling the conditions of optimal well-being

Values Hospitality - Partnership

 To show kindness in welcoming guests

To be able to perceive or express what is comical or absurd

To foster fulfilling the conditions of preserving health

 To be or to produce something like nothing done or experienced or created before

To achieve the excitement of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling to an unusual activity or creativity

To act and speak consistence with freedom from corruption. Data consistency

To lead and inspire a group of people towards common goals

To gain knowledge by study, instruction or scholarship

To be political independence. To be able to act or speak or think without externally constraints

To make an effort to concentratedly hear something

To focus on or to consider the characteristics of a particular locality or area

To feel allegiance or faithfulness with something or somebody

The state or quality of full development

To have an interest, a desire or a drive to achieve a goal

To have a mind receptive to new visions, arguments or ideas

To have or show the tendency to see and expect the best in all things

To have an unusual personality. To create a product or service firsthand

To have and maintain a relationship between individuals or groups or companies that is characterized by the achievement of common goals and by a mutual cooperation and responsibility

Values Passion - Respect

To have a strong and powerful emotion

To have or show the capacity of calmly awaiting something

To seek to be excellent or to achieve the highest degree of quality

To give a presentation before an audience. Doing something successfully

To continuously assess own skills and qualities and set personal goals in order to realise and maximise own potential

To intend or to have the power to induce a belief or an action

To be confident in an opinion or an assertion

To have a great power or to be extremely effective or efficient in something

To deal or to be concerned with actual occurrences or with facts

To be exact in doing soemthing or in expressing oneself

To be ready beforehand for a specific purpose

To seek the state of being away from other people's interest or sight

To act in advance in order to deal with an expected difficulty

High rate at which goods or services are produced or provided

The capability of affording profit or benefit

The degree to which a product or service fulfils the expectations

The capability to be trusted and predictable

To show or to feel a state of being honored 

Value: Responsibility - Success 

To have the ability or the authority to act or decide on one's own

To focus on outcomes rather than on processes

To do something that involves danger in order to achieve a goal

To ensure the state of having the freedom from risk, danger or injury

The feeling one has fulfilled a desire, a need or an expectation

To strive a state of protection against all acts designed to impair it's effectiveness and efficiency

To have the conscious knowledge of own behaviour, character, motives, feelings and desires

To have the ability to achive goals, without influence from other people or situations

To have the capability to respond to changes in own's environment

To be concerned with important matters, work or thoughts, that requires concentration

To have, use or enjouy something in common

To have the quality or the property of being easy to understand

To have the capability to move or operate quickly

To have an attachment or to connected to religious matters or values of the spirit

To have or show a behaviour resulting from a natural and unforced impulse

To implement and apply rules, guidelines and specifications for repeated use

The way people or elements are arranged or put together

To achieve positive results

Value: Support - Work/Life Balance 

To provide assistance to somebody or something. To have or show an enthusiastic interest in something or somebody.

To keep systems running without interruption. To create services or products using systems that are economically efficient, conserving of energy and natural resources and safe and healthful for workers 

To cooperate with other people in order to achieve common goals

To have the capability of respecting the practices or beliefs of others

To have the capability to be open, clear and frank

To have reliance and confidence on the integrity, surity and ability of a person or a thing

To create and deliver value in an efficient enough way that it increase the worth of goods or services

To have a healthy capacity to live, develop and grow

To acheive a harmonious or satisfying arrangement between an employee's priorities of own employment position and own private lifestyle

Examples of  Goals and Objectives

Business goals and objectives

Until the end of this year the customer call wait time has been decreased by 60 seconds in average

Within the next 6 month 25% more internal communication posts have been published to inform the employees about internal decisions, initiatives and running projects

Reduce complaints about wrong information by 90% by the end of this year

Until the end of this year, increase response time to customer requests by 10% 

Achieve a 10% customer satisfaction rating by the end of this year

Achieve a 25% employee satisfaction rating by the end of this year

Yearly increase of number of customers by 2.5%

Until the end of this year the production cash out costs have been lowered by 5%

Yearly Increase revenue by 1.5% while limiting expenses 

By the end of this year the employee retention ratio has been increased by 20% through the implementation of a employee develop and career program

Until the end of this year, the sales department has improved their closing ratio to 45 percent

 By the end of this year reduce the absence rate by 20% through a thought through healthy awareness program

Personal goals and objectives

Ensure that your nonverbal behavior like tone and body language proper respect and attitude toward others

On a weekly basis at least 8 hours quality time with the children has been spent

Within the next month a workout routine (jogging, exercises, Nordic walking, etc.) has been defined and followed

Within the next 2 month I pick up and learn a new skill

Be on time for all meeting and appointments to also shows your respect for your colleagues’ time

On an ongoing basis I weekly post 5 pieces of content on social media platforms

All tasks and projects are completed in a timely manner

Within the next 2 months 3 personal values have been identified and subsequently be applied in the daily work

Delegate work and tasks more effectively to increase own productivity

During my work I will reduce my time spending in non added value meetings by 50%

Define daily work targets and tasks and prioritize the tasks along the working day

At the end of the next 6 month I feel happier and more positive during my workday